The goal and purpose of the Governing Body is to:

  • Ensure clarity of the Catholic vision, ethos and strategic direction;

  • Have a positive impact on the Leadership and Management of the school;

  • Support the Leadership by helping to maintain the Catholic character of our school and ensuring that all our children have the opportunity to know, love and serve almighty God.

  • Ensure the school meets the needs of a diverse population;

  • Pursue excellence in everything we do;

  • Contribute to robust self-evaluation and improvement plans for the school and pupils e.g. plans for teaching; monitoring pupil progress related to the pupil premium;

  • Set the vision and strategic direction;

  • Develop their own skills in the spirit of continual improvement;

  • Ensure financial probity and proper use of school resources;

  • Engage with all appropriate stakeholders;

  • Ensure that the school meets all statutory requirements.

We meet as a full Governing Body minimum once per term and in addition we have specific responsibilities via a series of sub-committees.  The primary sub-committees are the Curriculum and Catholic Education Committee and the Resources Committee (incorporating Finance, Premises/Health and Safety and Staffing).  These two sub-committees also meet minimum once per term and report back to full Governing Body each term.

We work in partnership with the school, the whole teaching team, the pupils and parents to create a happy, safe, Roman Catholic community, recognising the worth and dignity of all our children and colleagues, whilst striving to develop the talents of each person. 

Registered interests:

Business interests: none declared

Financial interests: none declared

Governance roles in other schools: none declared

Bill McSorley, Chair of Governors

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, please do so via the school.

2023 – 2024

Autumn Term – 2023

Monday 27th November- 5.30pm – Full Gov Meeting (5pm – BASC)

Spring Term – 2024

Monday 11th March- 5.30pm – Full Gov Meeting (5pm – BASC)

Summer Term – 2024

Monday 24th June –  5.30pm – Full Gov Meeting (5pm – BASC)

Meet the Governors

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Joe Winstanley

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Bill McSorley

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Martin McAndrew

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Emma Moncado

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Sean Wells

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Fiona Ashton

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Felicity Gatrick

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Alison Mitchell

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Cath McGrath