At St Joseph’s we aim to create a welcoming, caring environment where relationships are based on the gospel values of Love, Faith and Hope to develop positive self-esteem in each child. The opportunity to build good relationships through play at break times and lunchtimes is fundamental to each child’s happiness, well-being and successful learning. All staff are committed to maintaining high expectations of play as an essential contribution to the educational experience at St Joseph’s.

Please see our Play Policy and Play Charter below:

Play Policy May 2024 

Play Leaders Play Charter

Year 4 Play Leaders

Hello! We are the Play Leaders.

The Play Leaders are a group of children from across Key Stage 2 that have successfully applied for the role. They work together, alongside staff, in order to create a variety of opportunities, for the whole of KS2, through different games and resources during play times.

The Play Leaders are responsible for the management of equipment as well as planning and running the activities with the support of teaching staff and the lunchtime staff. They also have regular opportunities to meet with and report back to SLT.

We are always encouraging the children to come up with new ideas and games to do during play times so maybe you can think of some and share them with us too?

Our Play Leaders set out play equipment for morning breaktime and lunchtime.

Here they are in action.