Curriculum Intent

“There are 3 things that last: Faith, Hope and Love. Love one another as I have loved you.”

Our school is proud to be part of the Roman Catholic Church in the parish of St Joseph’s.

Our mission is to serve God, uphold the worth and dignity of every person and enable them to develop their talents.  Everything we do is rooted in the values of the Gospel, as we seek to deepen faith, strengthen hope and grow in love in a respectful, safe and happy environment.

At St. Joseph’s we aspire to help every child reach their full potential as a child of God. We do this by placing our Mission at the heart of all we do and the 5 W’s framework (Welcome, Word, Witness, Welfare and Worship) is the golden thread that runs through our school.

At St Joseph’s, our children are individuals and our ambitious and motivational curriculum starts with them. We intend to prepare them for life by developing within them values of resilience, empathy, self-awareness, passion, excellence, communication and team work through our RESPECT framework. Our curriculum will inspire, enthuse and educate our children so they build knowledge and skills that will help them prepare for life in modern Britain and beyond.

All our staff have high aspirations for all children to achieve, regardless of differences in ability, social background, culture, race, gender or disability and this is reflected in fun, engaging learning experiences and our wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. All elements of the National Curriculum are built sequentially and cumulatively for our children in their time at St Josephs. The content of the curriculum encourages them to follow their own interests and to enthuse and inspire them to be inquisitive learners with real life skills that enable them to move into the world with a passion for life-long learning.

The school promotes musical, linguistic, sporting, artistic, health, well-being, life-skills and outdoor learning opportunities together with academic achievement so that all children leave St Joseph’s having found success and confidence in their own social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

At St Joseph’s we believe ‘Happiness first and all else follows’.

If you require more information about the school curriculum, please visit the school or email